Website Introduction for North End BIZ Members


Dear North End BIZ Members


Over the past year the North End BIZ has been working on a website for our membership.  This website is now completed, EXCEPT for our member listings.

It is imperative that should you wish to customize your listing, by adding “key search words”; an editorial description of your goods/services (what sets you apart and makes you unique); uploading up to 3 pictures; adding in your website and email links; and your street address, phone, fax, mobile numbers.  If you require assistance, please contact Astrid @ [email protected].  If you do not reply by March 31st, 2016, we will create a basic listing for you, but this is your chance to customize your own.   Please visit and log in to register.

 What else is new?

All grant applications will now be online.  This includes:

  • Neighbourhoods Alive! Storefront Enhancement Grants
  • North End BIZ Exterior/Safety Grants
  • North End BIZ Safety Lighting Grants
  • North End BIZ Website Development/Enhancement Grant

Requests for Maintenance will now be online.  This includes:

  • Graffiti removal schedule and waiver forms
  • Graffiti reporting
  • Green Wave schedule and request for jobs (July – August only)

 Even more!

  • Business Spotlights / New Businesses
  • Advertising space for our members (sales/specials)
  • Commercial property for sale or rent
  • 311 Link
  • Email link directly to the BIZ
  • Exciting new projects!
  • Events calendar
  • Links to partner organizations and business resources

This website is new.  It will evolve through the input of our members.  It is you that sets the direction.


March 15, 2016