Projects Report, 2023

2023 Administrative Report to the Membership

North End Business Improvement Zone


Holiday Lights: We continue to experience issues with the power to the lights (provided by the Hydro poles).  We did purchase 25 new holiday stars as the older stock (over 10 years) was in poor condition and did not warrant any further repairs.  We utilized our City of Winnipeg Streetscape Grant for this purchase.  Our installer did a thorough site audit and map of all NEB lighting elements.  We are working with the installer and Hydro to fix the power issue(s).  This includes power to the 2 large Eiffel structures at the North and South ends of the Zone.

Bicycle Racks:  In 2021 we received a $10,000.Active Transportation Grant from the City of Winnipeg.  We installed an additional 10 heavy duty bike racks and any future installations, repairs, replacements or expansion will utilize these funds (until the grant is expended).

Hanging Baskets:  The BIZ hung and maintained 60 hanging baskets in the Zone. The baskets were particularly fine this year, due to consistent watering and fertilization.  We received many compliments, including from other Business Improvement Zones.

Murals: The BIZ has two murals available for adoption/installation.  Pictures will be posted on the BIZ website, along with the parameters.  There is no cost to North End BIZ Members.

BobCat: The unit is paid in full, with ongoing expenses being insurance, gas and maintenance during the operative months.

Dual Stream Bins (Garbage/Recycling): City pick up for these bins and the aggregate bins is Tuesday, weekly.  The recycling portion continues to be a challenge as are overflowing bins in general.

Transit Shack Maintenance: The City of Winnipeg Transit Department made regular sweeps of the area, cleaning and repairing the shacks. Due to safety issues this was not a UGT task, except for cleanup outside the shacks.  BIZ monthly audits indicate that many shacks with missing glass have not been repaired, however this has resulted in less alternate shelter use of the shacks.

Graffiti Partnership / Street Neat Team: We have continued our partnership with the West End BIZ.  Due to ongoing staffing shortages experienced by West End BIZ, and a significant increase in graffiti city wide, there continues to be delays in removal.  Alternatively, BIZ members can contact 311 and report it directly. We will continue to do monthly audits and report/forward any requests our members have.  Please note that we require a waiver on file for the member business requesting the removal.  You may choose either a two year or an unlimited term.  The waivers are available on the North End BIZ website, or you can contact us and we can email a PDF copy to you.

Summer Staff

Urban Green Team: The BIZ received an increase in funding from the Province for this summer employment program. We hired 3 full time workers.  2 workers were very recent immigrants from the Ukraine and the third (team leader) was a graduated high school student.  They were a pleasure to work with, and one of the hardest working teams I have supervised.  I’ve included some reflections from team leader Benjamin, along with some photos from the summer.  They worked hard concentrating on: daily litter pickup; 311 complaints; graffiti audits and removal; hanging basket maintenance; audits of biz streetscape elements, delivery of Storefront Enhancement Grant applications and ARV update (audit of businesses in the zone: new/sold/vacant). I am grateful to Benjamin, Oleh and Iryna for a very productive summer.

Community Partner Updates

UNF Hall, 935 Main Street:  The UNF Hall became a hub for Ukrainian immigrants to access a variety of programs and services, from cultural and spiritual to coordinating housing, education, employment and necessities.   Kalayna moved into the UNF building once Access Credit Union completed their merger with Carpathia Credit Union.  There are several North End BIZ members who have, or are currently employing new Ukrainian immigrants.  There is also a new Sushi take out restaurant at UNF,

Neechi Commons (former): The building was purchased by Shawenim Abinoojii Inc, an Indigenous non profit. They consolidated multiple locations of theirs to this one larger key location, but official opening was delayed until late summer 2023. You can visit their website to learn more about them,

Member Grants

Storefront Enhancement Grants (Province of Manitoba): The North End BIZ continued to work with the North End Community Renewal Corporation to advocate and administer this program. Funding of $60,000.00 was received for 2023 and the focus was on safety improvements and new businesses.  This program’s last year of guaranteed funding is 2023. 

Safety and Crime continues to be the number priority of our members.  The Board has pressed on advocating for increased police presence in the area, in the form of ongoing beat/community and patrol officers.  The North End BIZ Board is considering implementing it’s own safety grant program, specifically for installation/upgrade of security systems; safety lighting; glass replacement with unbreakable variety; ring doorbell cameras; security buzzer doors; and other security measures.  The BIZ successfully ran several safety and improvement grants in the past.

Housekeeping and Finances

Board Meetings: Our board meetings were compliant with City of Winnipeg BIZ bylaws, and the Board did meet for short update meetings during the summer months.

Financial Statements:  Quarterly Financial statements (QuickBooks) are provided to the Board, along with monthly bank statements.

ARV: We have experienced some stabilization in our Annual Rental Value, post pandemic.  This has resulted in our keeping our budget steady, along with a proposed reduction in our 2024 BIZ levy.

Call for New Board Members:  Outgoing President Keith Horn, Board Member Eileen Shewchuk and Board Member Savannah Szurlej have come to the end of their terms.  They all have brought so much to the board in the past few years, with their individual talents and expertises and they will be greatly missed.  The North End BIZ Board is calling out for new members to join the Board.  There is a Board Nomination form posted online and there will be a paper form as part of the AGM package delivered.

The North End BIZ Board of Directors continues to be committed to supporting a healthy and vibrant business community and moving it’s projects forward. I would like to express my appreciation to the Board of Directors for their continued support and assistance.

Best Regards,

Astrid Lichti

Administrator, North End Business Improvement Zone

November 13, 2023