Privacy Disclaimer

Privacy of Information: Collection, Retention and Use

The North End BIZ collects & maintains business contact information from businesses within our zone for our Membership Database, in order to communicate with our members, for the publication of our North End BIZ Business Directory and daily North End BIZ use. Staff access to personal information is limited to those with a need to know basis.

Limited personal information may be collected and maintained in this database for the purposes of providing notices of meetings, events, and sponsorship opportunities or for surveys. Additionally, personal information may be collected when you participate in a contest or promotion so we may notify winners. Winners’ names for publicity will only be used with their consent. All personal information collected and maintained by the North End BIZ, through any source including our website, fax and email, is kept confidential and secure. Personal information is NOT disclosed to external sources unless the individual gives express written consent. Exceptions are made only in emergency situations where it is clearly in that individual’s best interest or as may be required by law. Appropriate safeguard measures to protect all information are in place and followed by all staff. Only the Administrator will divulge sensitive information subject to all limitations in this paragraph.

We limit collection of information to the minimum required and only for the purposes stated. This information will only be retained for as long as is reasonable unless required by law. We make every effort to ensure our information is accurate. The updating of the database is an ongoing event. Staff is authorized to access only that personal information which is required and for which it was obtained. All staff adheres to confidentiality obligations.

Website and Email

If you contact the North End BIZ via our Website or Email, any personal information you provide will be used only for the purpose you intend. Every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure your protection. Our web site does contain links to other sites of which security practices the North End BIZ is not responsible for.