Minutes AGM

North End Business Improvement Zone

2015 Annual General Meeting

November 19th, 935 Main Street, UNF HALL


Present:  28 people as per attendance sheet.

  1. Dinner and Networking

The North End BIZ AGM meeting was called to order at 7:22 p.m.

  1. Appointment of a Minute Taker —-  Martin Pasieczka was appointed as Minute Taker for the North End BIZ 2015 Annual General Meeting. Moved by Andy Gajdamowicz Seconded by Ross Eadie. Carried
  1. Approval of the Agenda for the 2015 Annual General Meeting was circulated, Moved by Donna Korban, Seconded by  Ross Eadie. 
  1. Welcome and Introduction: Welcome and greetings by President Rob McDonald, and introductions by the members and guests.  2015 Board was introduced, and present Board positions highlighted.
  2. Presentation: North End Business Survey = North End Business Development Centre. Richard Halliday Presented information about the North End Business Development Centre.  Richard also undertook a survey of the attending members at the AGM that evening.  ‘Appendix A’ is the attached Survey that was done at the AGM, with everyone at the same time.  Along with the results of the Survey also included.
  3. Presentation: North End BIZ WEBSITE = TGI Business Solutions. North End BIZ has Web site now created by TGI Business Solutions, Web Site address is: . TGI Business Solutions has bought a building on Selkirk Ave and setting up shop there.  Luc Tremblay gave the presentation, talked about doing Web Sites for Businesses.  He has done Web Sites for business members in the North End BIZ Zone.  Give Luc a call if need a Web Site developed, or need help in updating your existing Web site.
  1. Approval of Minutes — Chair Rob McDonald had Martin P. read out the 2014 AGM minutes. Rob asked the membership if there were any amendments to the Minutes. Moved by Andy Gajdamowicz, seconded by Matt De Landes, to approve the Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting – carried.
  2. President’s Report; letter from the President – Robert McDonald was attached in the AGM package that was distributed to the BIZ Zone membership.
  3. Financial Report: Given by Treasurer Andy Gajdamowicz verbally with reference to the documents in the AGM package.
    1. Andy presented the 2014 Financial Audited Statement.
    2. Grant Programs – the BIZ Board have passed a motion to have BIZ members receive a grant to help them to set up a WEB Site.
      1. Motion: To approve the 2014 Audit.  Brian Petrynko, Seconded Matt De Landes.  Carried
      2. Motion: To appoint Holukoff Chiarella for the 2015 Audit for the North End BIZ. Andy Gajdamowicz, Seconded Orest Hnatyshyn. Carried.
      3. Motion: To approve the 2016 North End BIZ Budget as presented. Matt De Landes Seconded David Kan . Carried.
  4. Report on nominations  — received by 5:00 p.m. November 12th:  None received.

Keith Horn, expressed interest from the AGM Floor.

Motion:  To Nominate Keith Horn from Northern Hotel – 826 Main Street.  Moved Ross Eadie, Seconded Matt De Landes.   Motion carried.

Majid Chaudholt, expressed interest from the AGM Floor (Pizzarama)

Motion:  To Nominate Majid Chaudholt from Pizzarama – 826 Main Street.  Moved Andy Gajdamowicz, Seconded Donna Korban.   Motion carried.


Question and Answer Session: 

Korban Funeral Home – Richard Korban asked about Meth Clinic by the Chapel.  Why is it a standalone and not incorporated into the walk-in clinic.  PDO says kind of things can exist on the street, no rules from the City.  Richard stated that people of Meth Clinic use the Funeral chapel’s parking Lot.  Korban’s pay for their lot, but used by others.
Ross stated – that a Parking Strategy needs to be done to assess and have more parking spaces established

Ross asked about an issue – with the PDO – cannot have an Auto Body operating on Main Street.  Ross was looking for possible support from the BIZ Zone, to say it was okay to amend the Planning District Overlay – to allow for the business to stay.  They had a temporary use for a number of years and let it expired, did not renew it.  So now had to apply, and they were affected by the planned development overlay.

Rob McDonald took the Chair of the meeting back.  Rob extended a big Thank you to all for coming out.  Rob Thanked Astrid for her work and dedication.
Donna Korban – thanked everyone on the Board for the work that the Board members do.  Also thanked the Board members and people involved in the Diamond Lane issue.  Donna and Rob also thanked the Councillor Ross Eadie for laying the ground work on getting this to the standing Policy Committee.  If there can be a change, with the Diamond Lane, and transit, to accommodate parking in this area, would go a long way to supporting the small businesses along Main Street.


Motion:  To Adjourn at 8:20pm.  Moved: Matt De Landes  (seconded Richard Korban)


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Minutes recorded by Martin Pasieczka

Appendix A

Business Development Survey – North End BIZ AGM – November 19, 2015

Attendance 28

  1. Are you satisfied with your Business Environment           Yes – 0          No –  All
  1. What would you like to see change?
  • Security (Better feeling of security on the street)
  • Parking (Better parking opportunity)
  • Garbage (No garbage on the street)
  • Diamond Lane (Eliminated on the southern section of the street)
  • Beautification
  • Public Bathrooms (For street people to use)
  • Vagrancy – Homelessness
  • Public Intoxication
  • Panhandlers
  1. How do you see the North End in 5 years, what will have changed?
  • Pedestrians, Secure and Comfortable
  • Interesting & Variety of Businesses
  • Staff/Business Owners Comfortable & Secure in their own premises
  • Accountability
  • Drug Addicts Gone
  • No Shoplifting
  1. What support would help to maintain or improve your business operation?
  • Website
  • CCTV like Downtown
  • Foot Patrols
  • Remove Diamond Lane
  • Accessibility
  • Change perception of area to positive.
  1. Are there specific businesses you would like to see in North End?
  • More furniture businesses
  • Gym & Swimming Pool
  • Tim Horton’s/ Starbucks / Nice Café’
  • Community Centre
  • Facility specifically for disabled people.
  1. Do not want any more walk-in clinics (Question not asked but respondents were clear)
  1. Are you aware of the Business Centre?              Yes – 12           No – 6
  1. Are there initiatives/projects the Business Centre should undertake?
  • Website – Support/Advertise
  • Decrease Vacancies in area
  1. The Business Centre has a website, developed a Print Directory and provides education/networking events. Should we:
  • Upgrade website to better promote business Yes – 11     No – 0
  • Reproduce Directory & increase distribution Yes – 0         No – All
  • Continue Education & Networking opportunities Yes – All      No – 0
  1. We have been promoting the potential of a North End Business Community & Awards Event. Are you:
  • Interested in such an event? Yes – 6        No – 0
    (Timing was suggested to be key)
  • Would you purchase tickets/sponsor Yes – 6       No – 0
  1. Are you interested in the following provided they fit your business needs?
  • Website  Yes – 1          No – 0
    (Cost would be a factor for decision)
  • Purchase Ad/listing in print directory Yes – 0          No – All
  • Attend Networking/education Seminars yes – 4         No – 0
  • Be a mentor to a new entrepreneur Yes – 3          No – 0
  1. Do you believe any of the following initiatives have merit to support North End Renewal?
  • Designated Art District/Green Zone Yes – 6             No – 0
  • Independent Development Organization Yes – 4      No – 0

(Similar to CentreVenture model)

  1. Suggestions/Recommendation to support Economic Renewal:

Ran out of time and cut short the process.

Note: The AGM was well attended however the survey needed to be sped through due to time limitations and therefore the opportunity for discussion was not present. Further, of the 28 in attendance, there were multiple representations of the same business which may have affected the voting numbers as well as not being able to fully discuss the subject matter/initiative

October 31, 2016