Are you interested in a mural?

The North End BIZ has numerous murals available for exterior installation.  We will pay all installation costs and maintenance.  Please note that the murals remain the property of North End BIZ.  The posting below was mailed out to the membership in February.

In 2008 the North End BIZ commissioned a series of murals to be installed on the Higgins Avenue pedestrian corridor.   We worked in conjunction with Graffiti Art Programming and utilized their talented artists.  The purpose of this project was to celebrate and showcase the heritage of the North End.

We now have a series of 15 beautiful murals.  Due to an extended upgrading of the underpass by Canadian Pacific railway, we have removed the murals and they are in storage.  The North End BIZ is now seeking other exterior locations within the Zone to display the murals.

We have done an audit of the Zone and have chosen several high visibility locations that provide excellent vantage from both a pedestrian and a vehicular point of view.  Other considerations were the length of the exterior wall; level surface of the wall; and uninterrupted surface (free of doors, windows, ledges etc…),  If you have received this letter it is because you had sponsored a mural in the past, and/or you have a high visibility spot the North End BIZ would like to utilize to install a mural.

The murals can be viewed at the Murals of Winnipeg Website and are mural numbers 585-595 on the site.  Please visit the site at:

The North End BIZ will pay for all installation costs should you wish to install a mural on the exterior of you building in a prominent location.  Murals range in size from 1-6 panels, with each panel 4×8 feet.  Please note that the North End BIZ retains ownership of the murals.

If you wish further information please contact Astrid Lichti at [email protected] or Call 204-589-7359


March 21, 2017