SPEAK UP! Main Street Diamond Lane, Public Consultation, 2 time slots, May 26th!

The North End BIZ has been assisting it’s Members who have been negatively affected by the implementation of the Diamond Lane.  Dillon Consulting along with Winnipeg Transit is holding a Stakeholder Meeting to listen to the concerns of any Members.  This consultation did not take place, prior to the implementation of the Diamond Lane, though it was indicated in the first study that a broad consultation with the North End BIZ needed to be part of the process.  If you have been affected by lack of business between the hours of 3:30-5:30; by lack of parking available on street or off site parking; overflow parking from the East side due to the diamond lane; safety issues due to relocation of bus stops; or have any other concerns, please refer to the attached for all the information you require to attend.  CLICK ON PICTURE TO ENLARGE.  RSVP are required to reserve your seat.


May 16, 2016