Projects Report, 2022

2022 continued with a (though improved) delay in projects implementation, due to the  impact of supply and labour shortages.

Holiday Lights:  We experienced significant issues with the installation in the 2021 Holiday season due to results of Hydro retrofitting the poles.  We are working with our installer to solve this issue.  In addition our stocks of holiday light pole mounts are now 10 years old and some need repair/replacement.  We currently have an order in for 25 custom star pole mounts with additional led rope lighting that are being manufactured locally.  We will be utilizing City of Winnipeg Capital Grants funding (we received a total of $150,000.00 for streetscape projects) for this. 

Eiffel Kiosks (south and north end of the Zone):  These were repaired in later Spring/Summer (lighting).  However the unit at Redwood and Main was vandalized and needed to be repaired again.

Bicycle Racks:  We received a $10,000.00 capital grant from the City of Winnipeg for this ongoing project (installation, repair, replacement, expansion) and in Spring of 2022 we installed 10 heavy duty bicycle racks.  We still have a surplus in this account to allow us to continue this project in the future.

Hanging Baskets:  We hung and maintained 60 hanging baskets in the Zone.  Ongoing expenses are planting, installation, maintenance (fertilizer/watering) and removal of the baskets at end of season with storage back at the greenhouse.  We purchased an additional 5 hangers to have in surplus stock, as in the past they have been removed, the result of hydro pole retrofit(s) and not returned.  Early in the season our audit indicated we were missing 3 hangers, and appreciation to Councillor Eadie for donating them from Selkirk BIZ excess streetscape elements.

Community Garden:  This was a small side project inspired by the donation of 20 tomato plants by Board Member Eileen Shewchuk.  All tomatoes were heirloom varieties and were planted in the BobCat compound.  This gave the UGT some gardening experience and bounty was dispersed.

Murals:  The BIZ partnered with 2 celebrated indigenous artists for a mural series.  These larger murals will be installed on the exterior of businesses within our Zone in 2023.  The murals have been completed and one (Cash Akoza, black wolf) is temporarily installed at 992 Main Street (south side). The remainder of the murals (Gabrielle Funk) are in storage.  If you are interested in having a mural installed on your business please contact us at [email protected]  for consideration.   The BIZ covers are cost of installation and will provide you with the parameters. 

BobCat:  The unit is paid in full. Ongoing expenses are insurance, gas, maintenance.

Dual Stream Bins (Garbage/Recycling):  City pick up for these bins is Tuesday, weekly.  The recycling portion continues to be a challenge with excess litter spoiling the load resulting in board decision to treat the recycling as garbage.

Transit Shack Maintenance:  The City of Winnipeg Transit Department made regular sweeps of the area, cleaning and repairing the shacks.  Due to safety issues this was not a UGT task, except for cleanup around the shacks.

Graffiti Partnership (removal):  We continued our partnership with the West End BIZ.  Due to staffing shortages experienced by West End BIZ, there were some delays in removal. 

Urban Green Team:  The BIZ received funding from the Province for this summer employment program.  We hired 2 full time and 1 part time staff for a 3 month period.  They worked hard concentrating on:  daily litter pickup; 311 complaints; graffiti audits and removal; hanging basket maintenance; needle pick up (reports); assisting the Selkirk BIZ (when requested); audits of biz streetscape elements; assistance with the mural project(s); ARV update (audit of businesses in the zone: new/sold/vacant). 

Neechi Commons (former):  The building was purchased by Shawenim Abinoojii Inc, an Indigenous non profit.  They consolidated multiple locations of theirs to this one larger key location.  You can visit their website to learn more about them:

Storefront Enhancement Grants (Province of Manitoba):  The North End BIZ met with the Province of Manitoba and North End Community Renewal Corporation to advocate for the continuation of this program.  Funding of $60,000.00 was received.  Focus for the 2022 grants were on safety and new businesses to the area.

Board Meetings:  Our board meetings were compliant with City of Winnipeg BIZ bylaws, and the Board did meet for short update meetings during the summer months.

Moving forward, the North End BIZ Board of Directors continues to be committed to supporting a healthy and vibrant business community and moving our projects forward.  I would like to express my appreciation to the Board of Directors for their continued support and assistance.


Astrid Lichti Administrator, North End Business Improvement Zone

November 8, 2022