Pop-Up Go!

I’d like introduce you to, an online connector for space owners and short-term space seekers. We believe pop-up go to be an excellent solution for Winnipeg business improvement zones, and a way to invigorate the city’s neighbourhoods!

So what is pop-up go?
pop-up go is a website that gives landlords a platform to showcase their available short-term spaces to interested seekers.

How does pop-up go work?
Landlords simply register and upload their listings and images. Space seekers join the pop-up go community to find a suitable space for their short-term needs, from pop-up shop, events to product launches and galleries. Landlords and seekers can then connect through pop-up go and finalize the deal themselves!

What are the benefits?
Pop-ups help create a vibrant neighborhood culture, promoting new business and commerce and bringing new demographics into neighborhoods. Short-term leases also help support landlords struggling with empty storefronts, and add to the aesthetic of an area.

pop-up go is also an ideal platform for local entrepreneurs looking to launch a business idea in their local community, and test the market. Listing empty spaces on pop-up go is a great solution for many vendors and landlords in your local community.

We would love to spread the pop-up go message in your business improvement zone and would appreciate a few minutes of your time to discuss how we may go about doing so.

Connect with Millie at [email protected] or at 416 591 5461.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Millie Davies and the pop-up go team | [email protected]
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Y O U R S P A C E C O N N E C T O R S.

April 19, 2016