Nomination to the Board

Selection to the Board of Directors


  • The nomination of a potential board member must be accompanied with the signature of at least ten different business people supporting the nomination.
  • All nominees must declare in writing that he or she will serve on the board if elected.
  • All nominees must be a proprietor, director or an employee of a member business within the boundaries of the BIZ.
  • All nominations for board positions must be made three days prior to the Annual General Meeting.
  • All nominations for board positions must be delivered to the Administrative Assistant, on or before November 14th, 2016 by 4:00, to 994 Main Street or email [email protected]


The Responsibilities of the Members of the Board


  • Members must attend meetings.  Any member missing three meeting in a row, without just reason, will be removed from the Board of Directors in accordance with BIZ by-laws.
  • If the board necessitates committees, all board members will serve on one committee of the BIZ.
  • The board shall hold an election for board positions at the first board meeting after the Annual General Meeting,  If insufficient nominations are made, the board can and shall appoint from any of the officers it wishes so that the positions of Chair and/or President, Vice Chair or Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer are filled.


Chair of the Board – A non-elected and non-voting position, chairs the meetings and keeps the board focused on agenda topics.  The board appoints this position.

President – Oversees the operations of the BIZ and provides advice to the Executive Director, if one is hired by the board, on issues between board meetings, is the signing authority on all legal papers for the BIZ, as well as the main spokesperson for the BIZ.

Vice-President – Fills in for the President when the President is unavailable and learns all aspects of the BIZ in order to be able to replace the President.

Secretary – In the absence of an Executive Director, takes the Minutes at all meetings, verifies that proper notice is given to all members of all meetings and is responsible for ensuring that Minutes are kept of all meetings of the board and committees appointed by the board.

Treasurer – Works in conjunction with the President to oversee the financial aspect of the BIZ, working with the accountant and making reports to the Board and to the BIZ members at the AGM.

  • Please note that the Board of Directors will consist of seven elected members, a City Councilor, a BIZ Officer, and any Ex-Officio members the Board may appoint.  An Executive Director may also be hired by the Board.  The elected members and the City Councilor are the only voting members of the Board. 


Download Nomination Form

October 31, 2016