Holiday Lights Campaign

In the fall of 2015, the North End BIZ board struck a Holiday Lights Committee to investigate and propose a tri phase holiday lighting strategy to celebrate and promote a positive business community. Seasonal lighting adds a festive atmosphere; increases the lighting while identifying our area; and a cohesive design strategy will add a uniformity and exclusivity to our Zone.

The board has budgeted $20,000.00 in 2016 for the first phase. We are currently investigating several commercial suppliers for the lights and decorations, all of which would be high quality and energy efficient LED with multiple year warranties. We are also working with the City and Hydro to develop a long term plan for power, installation and storage.

Light Up Main Street!

At this year’s Annual General Meeting, we will have for purchase (at cost) very high quality, durable, indoor/outdoor string lights.  These lights come in 25 foot strands and have 50 super bright warm LED lights.  The cost price is $20.00 per string including taxes.  These lights are only intended for decorating our members businesses.  We will have them displayed and available at this year’s AGM.

Cash or cheque only please.

October 17, 2015