Urban Green Team Report

Progress Report to the Board of Directors, North End BIZ

Who We are and What We Do:

We are Elena, Connor and Yusuf (North End BIZ).  Over the past 2 months, our Urban Green Team, have been working very hard to improve the overall safety and appearance of the BIZ. We have broken down this report into daily and weekly tasks. We start early at 7:00 a.m, and work Monday through Friday.  Our team is hard working and dedicated.  We have grown to understand the challenges of the area as well as see the great sense of community.  We believe that in being Ambassadors in the area, we are assisting in promoting its potential as a great place to live, work and visit.

Hanging basket watering in both BIZ’s, during this task we economize our time by doing large litter pick up as well (on both watering routes); additional litter pick up; prioritizing and working on the jobs list that area businesses, non profits, places of worship and agencies (that are within the 2 BIZ’s send us).  The jobs list includes: additional litter removal, maintenance of green spaces; litter pick up, window washing, weeding, and delivery of newsletters/area flyers.

Fertilizing the hanging baskets; graffiti audits and reporting (and removing what we can); safe needle pick up; 311 issues audit, for example large amounts of needles, overflowing garbage bins, overflowing recycle bins, large amounts of shopping carts, bulky items abandoned, unsecured abandoned buildings (we report and follow up, as well as deal with the issue if we can); back lane litter and large item clean up; maintenance of empty lots on Selkirk; assisting in setting up for the Selkirk Farmers Market.

Some Neat Statistics:

  • 16 gallons of litter pick up daily (over 800 gallons to date)
  • 60 needles picked up and safety disposed
  • 30 shopping carts collected and reported (and removed from pedestrian and roadways)
  • Loads of miles and smiles

Student-designed banners to enhance North End

Report compiled by the North End BIZ Administrator

November 2, 2019