Graffiti Removal

How Does It Work?

The North End BIZ offers a free year-round graffiti removal service for our members. This is provided through a partnership with the West End BIZ and Exchange BIZ called Tag Team. North End BIZ members must first sign a waiver form, and this waiver form is good for 2 years. The graffiti removal van has a scheduled date, one day per month, when they remove graffiti in the North End BIZ .

Is Your Graffiti Waiver Valid?

We must have a valid graffiti waiver on file before we can remove any graffiti. If you waiver has expired or we do not have one on file, we cannot remove the graffiti.
If you unsure please fill out another waiver and remit to us. You can now choose an “unlimited” term if you wish. All graffiti removal is free of charge.

Download & Sign  Graffiti Waiver Form

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