• Diamond Lane Removal, Update!

    October 31, 2016

    The diamond lane has been removed as of November 2016 and parking has been restored on the East side of Main Street between Sutherland and Selkirk Avenue. Thank you to all the North End BIZ members and community members that were part of the appeal and consultation process.  A special thank you to Councillor Ross […]

  • Best Care has Expanded!

    Since 1970 Best Care Dry Cleaners has been keeping our customers clean, pressed and well dressed.  Our home base for over 40 years has been the main plant located at 998 Main Street, in the heart of the North just five minutes from downtown. This location is very busy and will continue to be there [...]
  • Nomination to the Board

    Selection to the Board of Directors   The nomination of a potential board member must be accompanied with the signature of at least ten different business people supporting the nomination. All nominees must declare in writing that he or she will serve on the board if elected. All nominees must be a proprietor, director or [...]
  • 2017 Proposed Budget

    North End BIZ 2017 Proposed Budget : Annual Rental Value $4,523,100.00 (increase of $661,140.00)            BIZ Levy 1.3% (Same as 2016 )   Proposed Programs 2017 Biz Levy 1.3% ARV $4,523,100.00 2016 (Comparative) Biz Levy 1.3% ARV $3,845,000.00 Notes to 2016 Budget Highlighted Items from Surplus Funds ADMINISTRATION Take Pride Winnipeg [...]
  • Audit

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